Abstract of my Thoughts


More than Sex


Physically, mentally,
With each and every Part of Me
I see you,
I feel you,
I constantly feed you,
With all of my Love.
All i have, is all i give you 
All I am, is what i offer you 
It's not a matter of course,
Its natural
Its no game,
Its reality.
An exchange...
I expose your secrets,
To make them my secrets, 
You expose my secrets, to make them your secrets.
I teach you my Composition,
You teach me yours.
We get from multiple view,
To one Perception.
We explore ourselves new,
From Minimum to Maximum.
So that we become One.
One Body,
One Soul,
One Mind.
For this moment you are deep,
Inside of me.
No sexual feeling,
Its more than physical experience,
Its spiritual Healing....
I am Woman
Nothing can ever stop me.
You can rip me off,
You can hit me a million times and i will stand up!
Back on my feet!
Stronger than every Material,
Your solid will break , just by touching my body!
You can break me into pieces and spread them into different directions,
I will NOT rest,
Till i found every single piece!
You can send me:
Nature Disaster , i will control it!
Send me Diseases, Epidemics ,
I will create the remedy!
No Atmospheric Change,
No Typhoon,
No Tsunami,
No fucking Babylon can restrain me!      
From my Ambitions.
You can put me into war,
And i will make Peace!
You can burst away the ground under my feet,
And i will learn how to fly!
No Power of Nature,
No Power of science,
No existing Mighty can ever come between me and my way!
Cause i got the strongest,
God given Weapon,
Existing on this Planet!
I have:
The Love of a Woman!
Ready to be Free
The roots of safety
Are embracing my body
To protect the damage of my soul.
I bear the burden of my past
On my shoulders
To remind myself
Of the heaviness pain costs.
I stop my legs
Walking on instabile archtypes
And rest my feet
On settled
Solid ground.
I refuse
To touch the breakable
By pressing my hands to the familiar.
But while im doin that
I do not see
That i put myself into a vacuum
Of recreancy.
Im not protecting Myself
From  the Cruelness of Life
I just keep Me away
From growing out of my experiences
To come to a new perspective.
Keeping the pain
As a warning
Of what could happen
Restrains me
From the Option:
What would happen
If i try to let it go!
So i cut the roots of safety
And let destiny grow around my body
To fill my soul with the unexpected!
I throw away the burden
Of my past
To be able
To carry the future!
I let my legs walk
And if i fall
I stand up again and find a way
To make the instabile, stable and solid.
I teach my hands to be careful,
So i can touch the breakable
And make it familiar
To me.
I realize
That i can just heal Myself
By trusting
In what I am
In my Possibilities
In my decisions
And trust
In my experience.
To let the past go
And dont miss
The NOW!!!!!
written by Kim Kahnert